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PowerPoint 2013 Essential Training

Duration :3h 19m 
Level : Appropriate for all 

Introduction1m 15s
Using the exercise files28s

1. Navigating PowerPoint16m 2s
Touring the PowerPoint interface2m 13s
Exploring the Ribbon4m 51s
Exploring the Status bar2m 45s
Changing views and adding guides3m 54s
Connecting Powerpoint to your SkyDrive account2m 19s

2. Working with Presentations22m 5s
Creating a presentation from scratch and saving4m 43s
Creating a presentation from a template or theme5m 3s
Changing themes2m 28s
Controlling the look of your presentation with slide masters4m 22s
Adding a header and footer3m 27s
Working with file options using Backstage view2m 2s

3. Working with Slides14m 43s
Adding and removing slides4m 36s
Changing the slide layout3m 26s
Organizing slides into sections4m 18s
Rearranging slides2m 23s

4. Adding Pictures to Slides26m 13s
Adding pictures and clip art5m 2s
Aligning objects using guides3m 43s
Formatting and adding effects to pictures4m 24s
Understanding object layering
Removing the background from pictures3m 38s
Matching a logo's color to the PowerPoint color palettes using the Eyedropper tool2m 52s
Inserting screenshots into a presentation2m 16s

5. Adding Content to Slides25m 14s
Working with bullet points3m 17s
Using Outline mode to edit content directly2m 44s
Formatting text and creating WordArt3m 5s
Working with text boxes4m 41s
Creating and formatting tables
Inserting tables from Excel3m 36s
Using the research, language, and thesaurus tools

6. Adding Shapes, Diagrams, and Charts to Slides24m 10s
Adding shapes4m 9s
Formatting shapes3m 1s
Cropping a picture to a shape3m 4s
Merging shapes to create your own graphics4m 7s
Creating and formatting charts4m 11s
Using SmartArt to create diagrams3m 52s
Adding equations1m 46s

7. Adding Video, Audio, and Animation to Slides20m 11s
Adding and formatting video from your computer and from YouTube4m 57s
Working with video clips4m 29s
Adding and working with audio files
Adding slide transitions
Adding animation to objects and text

8. Preparing the Presentation18m 0s
Checking spelling
Adding speaker notes1m 39s
Editing and printing handout masters
Rehearsing a presentation1m 56s
Adding and viewing comments2m 41s
Reviewing and comparing changes with coworkers5m 7s

9. Delivering Your Presentation9m 39s
Running a slideshow
Using Presenter view2m 50s
Annotating, highlighting, zooming, and jumping to different 2m 42s

10. Reusing and Sharing Presentations21m 5s
Saving a custom theme2m 0s
Saving a presentation as a template2m 6s
Printing a presentation2m 5s
Recording and narrating a slideshow
Saving your presentation as a video
Exporting the presentation as a PDF or JPEG2m 15s
Sending the presentation via email1m 21s
Inspecting a presentation for stray comments1m 55s
Presenting live online
Packaging the presentation for use on another computer

Introduction 4m 9s

Welcome 1m 8s  
What is PowerPoint? 1m 50s  
Using the exercise files 1m 11s  

1. Understanding the PowerPoint 2010 Interface 19m 17s

Managing your presentations with Backstage 4m 14s  
Using the Office Ribbon 4m 57s  
Customizing the view 3m 42s  
Customizing the Office Ribbon 6m 24s  

2. Getting Started 41m 41s

Starting from scratch 2m 19s  
Adding slides and content 3m 24s  
Deleting slides and changing layouts 2m 24s  
Rearranging slides 1m 46s  
Saving time with Outline mode 3m 51s  
Separating your show into sections 5m 15s  
Adding photos and clip art 5m 24s  
Spell-checking 4m 6s  
Using the thesaurus 1m 17s  
Saving a presentation 4m 22s  
Applying a theme 3m 59s  
Running the show 3m 34s  

3. Formatting a Presentation 42m 39s

Using fonts and color 7m 17s  
Adding bullets and list numbering 2m 10s  
Changing text alignment 2m 13s  
Using picture effects 5m 54s  
Removing backgrounds from photos 5m 52s  
Understanding slide masters 3m 7s  
Changing slide backgrounds 3m 17s  
Adding a logo to the background 6m 18s  
Applying slide transitions 4m 33s  
Saving the design template 1m 58s  
4. Adding Tables and Charts 17m 10s
Creating tables 2m 2s  
Formatting tables 3m 57s  
Pasting tables from Excel 5m 1s  
Creating charts 2m 16s  
Pasting charts from Excel 3m 54s  

5. Working with Shapes 24m 43s

Adding shapes 3m 0s  
Moving, resizing, formatting, and rotating shapes 5m 14s  
Adding text to shapes 2m 57s  
Adding text boxes 3m 54s  
Working with layers (Send to Back and Send to Front) 5m 17s  
Animating text, shapes, and other objects 4m 21s 

6. Adding Audio and Video 13m 10s
Adding an audio clip 3m 16s  
Adding video 5m 7s  
Cropping video 4m 47s 

7. Adding SmartArt and Diagrams 14m 27s
Adding organizational charts 4m 59s  
Adding cycle diagrams, Venn diagrams, and other diagrams 9m 28s 

8. Sharing with Others 26m 40s
Printing a presentation 5m 22s  
Adding speaker notes 3m 3s  
Saving your presentation as a PDF 3m 12s  
Presenting on another laptop (packaging) 4m 28s  
Broadcasting on the web 3m 52s  
Saving as a video 3m 24s  
Using web apps through SharePoint 3m 19s  
Conclusion 36s
Goodbye 36s  

Audio and Video in Depth

 Introduction 1m 43s

Welcome 54s  
Using the exercise files 49s 

1. Managing Multimedia Presentations 20m 45s
Using video and audio appropriately 1m 58s  
Considering copyrights 3m 57s  
Linking vs. embedding media 8m 35s  
Working with video formats 6m 15s 

2. Inserting Videos 22m 4s
Inserting an animated GIF from the clip art gallery 4m 21s  
Inserting a video from a computer file 3m 55s  
Inserting a clip as an external object 3m 10s  
Inserting a video as a Windows Media Player control 3m 45s  
Linking to a YouTube video 5m 23s  
Inserting a video using an action button 1m 30s 

3. Working with Proprietary Formats 23m 23s
Inserting a QuickTime video 6m 3s  
Playing a Flash animation 6m 0s  
Using ActiveX as a workaround 5m 58s  
Inserting a web page 5m 22s  

4. Editing Videos 34m 6s

Trimming a video 5m 54s  
Fading in and out 4m 23s  
Cropping a video 4m 6s  
Selecting a poster frame 1m 53s  
Adjusting brightness and contrast 2m 40s  
Recoloring a video 2m 50s  
Adding video bookmarks 3m 10s  
Synchronizing text captions with bookmarks 9m 10s 

5. Formatting Videos 10m 32s
Resizing a video 4m 34s  
Playing a video in a shape 2m 2s  
Using a video as a slide background 3m 56s
6. Applying Video Effects 29m 3s
Applying a preset video style 2m 48s  
Designing a border 3m 59s  
Adding shadows 2m 52s  
Adding reflections 2m 39s  
Adding glow effects 2m 16s  
Adding soft edges 1m 45s  
Applying 3D rotation 3m 50s  
Applying bevels and 3D formatting 6m 26s  
Using Format Painter 2m 28s  

7. Setting Video Playback Options 22m 34s

Setting the volume 1m 13s  
Playing a clip automatically 57s  
Play full screen 1m 1s  
Hiding a video 1m 16s  
Looping a video 2m 50s  
Rewinding after playing 1m 13s  
Delaying playback of a video 2m 0s  
Showing and hiding media controls 1m 1s  
Triggering a video by clicking a graphic 5m 5s  
Triggering a video using animations 2m 46s  
Playing a video across multiple slides 3m 12s
8. Troubleshooting Video Issues 13m 0s
Troubleshooting videos that won't play 3m 7s  
Improving playback performance 3m 43s  
Optimizing Windows 7 settings 6m 10s 

9. Adding Audio Clips 13m 18s
Working with audio file formats 3m 7s  
Inserting a sound from the clip art gallery 3m 15s  
Inserting audio from a computer file 1m 56s  
Recording your own sounds 3m 35s  
Playing audio in an external application 1m 25s
10. Setting Sound Playback Options 24m 44s
Setting the sound clip volume 1m 5s  
Playing a clip automatically 2m 23s  
Trimming an audio clip 3m 52s  
Choosing a sound's starting and ending points 2m 18s  
Fading sounds in and out 59s  
Looping a sound clip 2m 23s  
Delaying an audio clip 2m 31s  
Rewinding after playing 1m 13s  
Changing the appearance of the sound icon 3m 13s  
Hiding the sound icon 2m 5s  
Adding and removing audio bookmarks 2m 42s
11. Triggering Sound Effects 18m 19s
Adding sound effects to transitions 3m 10s  
Adding sound effects to animations 3m 46s  
Triggering audio playback with objects 2m 12s  
Playing a sound with a hyperlink 1m 28s  
Triggering actions with audio bookmarks 7m 43s
12. Working with Soundtracks 21m 7s
Playing a sound across multiple slides 4m 10s  
Building a music soundtrack 4m 23s  
Playing audio tracks from a CD 3m 26s  
Recording a narration 9m 8s  

13. Saving Multimedia Presentations 23m 12s

Checking and optimizing media compatibility 3m 8s  
Converting media to earlier versions of PowerPoint 2m 17s  
Converting media from earlier versions of PowerPoint 2m 37s  
Compressing media files 3m 47s  
Saving as a movie 4m 48s  
Packaging a presentation for travel 3m 43s  
Extracting media asset files 2m 52s  
Conclusion 45s
Goodbye 45s  

PowerPoint Tips and Tricks for Business Presentations

 Introduction 1m 47s

Welcome 47s  
Using the exercise files 1m 0s  

1. Five Quick Tips for PowerPoint 10m 43s
Adding white space 2m 13s  
Applying a transition 2m 10s  
Reducing the text 2m 37s  
Selecting objects with ease 2m 26s  
Opening with Show 1m 17s  

2. Composing a Powerful Message 15m 36s

What's your point? 2m 49s  
Getting in their heads 2m 29s  
What's in it for them? 1m 55s  
Piecing it together 5m 49s  
Holding their hands 2m 34s  

3. Successful Slide Design 30m 49s

Understanding the importance of design 4m 12s  
Using color and fonts 3m 18s  
Maintaining consistency 4m 57s  
Using photographs 5m 21s  
Sharing data with charts 5m 20s  
Making your data meaningful 2m 23s  
Using diagrams and SmartArt 5m 18s 

4. Intermediate Slide Design 46m 31s
Breaking the slide into sections 3m 56s  
Fine-tuning shapes and text boxes 5m 43s  
Enhancing text boxes 7m 46s  
Customizing layouts and templates 6m 7s  
Building your own layouts 4m 59s  
Animating bullets 3m 12s  
Animating photos 4m 56s  
Animating other objects 5m 41s  
Inserting music and other audio elements 4m 11s
5. Using Technology 16m 18s
Taking control 1m 46s  
Setting display resolution and improving clarity 3m 18s  
Including hidden slides and custom shows 4m 21s  
Utilizing speaker notes 2m 17s  
Using Presenter view 2m 2s  
Creating handouts 2m 34s  

6. Delivering with Confidence 27m 52s

Planning the program 3m 6s  
Using the presenter checklist 2m 39s  
Knowing what to do when things go wrong 5m 16s  
Sharing your message 2m 40s  
Making the motions 2m 0s  
Questions and answers 1m 43s  
Reading your audience 2m 41s  
Dealing with audience distractions 3m 4s  
Setting up and tearing down 4m 43s  

7. Bonus Tips 19m 28s

During the show 1m 31s  
Creating a photo slideshow 4m 8s  
Letting the slideshow be the star 1m 41s  
Sharing with your audience 6m 36s  
Keyboard and mouse tricks 5m 32s  
Conclusion 6m 30s
The good, the bad, and the ugly: A recap 5m 32s  
Additional resources 58s  


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